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70th Emmys team
70th Emmys team – photo by Emmanuel Fratianni

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Based in Los Angeles, we’ve helped projects from across the USA, and as far away as Europe and Asia, bring Hollywood talent, facilities, and expertise to their productions. We can take your music from composition through a final recording or performance. That may mean providing budgeting, orchestration, music copying, hiring musicians, booking studios, or understanding union procedures.

When your project looks and sounds great, we look and sound great.

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Meet Jason Poss

Jason Poss is an arranger, orchestrator, and music preparation professional with experience in leadership roles on the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, AAA video games, Oscar-winning films, Grammy-winning recordings, primetime television, and worldwide ad campaigns. He is known for his work assisting composer Howard Shore with orchestration of the Lord of the Rings films, and over 15 years assisting Disney with foreign music dubbing for film and television.

Jason has been a primary negotiator for nationwide labor agreements between the film and television industry and the American Federation of Musicians. He has also consulted on settlement of labor disputes with major USA film and television studios.

Jason Poss is a citizen of both the USA and the EU, which opens unique possibilities for international collaborations.

Meet Danita Ng-Poss

Danita Ng-Poss is one of Hollywood’s leading music preparation professionals. From humble beginnings in Borneo, she earned a bachelor of music degree from Berklee College of Music, and began her career as a jingle writer in Chicago and New York. Worldwide ad campaigns eventually led Danita to numerous Hollywood film and television productions and triple-A video games. Her credits include 17 seasons of the highly successful live TV show “Dancing with the Stars” and supervising music preparation for multiple Emmy and Academy Awards ceremonies.

Danita also served as Secretary/Treasurer of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Local 47, the Los Angeles musicians union. At Local 47, Danita successfully guided the union through the unprecedented financial and infrastructure challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by deftly managing assets, streamlining procedures, and securing new sources of funding.

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