SoS Services

Studio recording session, printed music, Emmys music library

Music Preparation

Orchestration & arranging

We can transform your sketch, song, or MIDI mockup into a score that plays well and records quickly. We’ve already done it for the Emmys, Oscars, Academy Award-winning films, primetime TV shows, and award-winning video game soundtracks.

Music copying & engraving

Studio musicians know we create some of the best instrumental and vocal parts in Hollywood. Our notation is accurate, musical, and easy to read, giving you better performances and more for your money at recordings and rehearsals.

Transcription / takedowns

We excel at the difficult art of translating audio and MIDI into clear musical notation. That’s why Disney has trusted us for over 15 years.

Librarian services

Need to organize and manage dozens or thousands of scores and parts for a production and get a handle on what all the musicians need? We’ve done it for some of the most complex projects out there.

Music printing

Large, easy-to-read musician parts, choir booklets, stage show piano/vocal books, full scores — we print, bind, and deliver your music to the highest standards.

String section recording, studio control rooms

Music Consulting


Symbols of Sound has the experience to estimate costs and advise how to get the most from your music production budget.


We can help you develop a strategy and select the best musicians, facilities, and personnel to match your musical needs. Our unique understanding and experience with union contracts can provide options you may not have considered.

Personnel & facilities

Our industry reputation gives your project access to the top Hollywood musicians and studios for projects large and small.