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SoS Turns Inside Out Again

Music transcription for Inside Out 2

After nearly a decade, “Inside Out” characters Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, are joined by Anxiety and others in “Inside Out 2”. Once again, SoS joined the team by transcribing audio to sheet music for localization, allowing Riley’s jumble of teen emotions to be expressed worldwide. “Inside Out 2” is in theaters June 14.


An Indie Game with a Hollywood Soundtrack? YES!!

Some of the most interesting and creative projects don’t have big studio resources. The independent video game “Hauntii” is one such project. Composer Michael Kirby Ward, developer Moonloop Games, and publisher Firestoke, assumed that Hauntii’s limited, indie-game budget meant their only option was to record the game’s song in Eastern Europe. Nonetheless, Ward contacted SoS to see if there were any options available for recording in the USA.

Examining the project, we realized that with some creative orchestration and careful planning, it would be possible to access Hollywood talent and elevate the music beyond expectations. Furthermore, we could record both the song and the soundtrack’s most important cues. Making this happen would be a challenge, but the talent available in Los Angeles would mean we could work quickly with a smaller ensemble to achieve very high quality within their budget.

Danita Ng-Poss and Jason Poss worked closely with Michael Ward to develop a strategy for orchestrating and recording. SoS handled all orchestration and music preparation, secured the recording studio, hired the musicians, processed union contracts, and coordinated payroll. The project was completed on time and within the tight budget.

Hauntii is now a rare indie game boasting a soundtrack with A-list Hollywood musicians. The results were so successful that, on some cues, the original samples were completely replaced by the live recordings; even though it was a smaller ensemble.

The video above shows a bit of the recording session with composer Michael Ward singing the song “Home to Home”.

For us at SoS, it was delightful to work with Ward on a contemplative soundtrack to compliment Hauntii’s unique artwork, gentle atmosphere, and more relaxed, thoughtful gameplay. This is far from the bombast of many game soundtracks.

Hauntii is available on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Hauntii’s soundtrack is also available on Steam.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Musical vocal transcription for 20th Century Studios

Symbols of Sound’s latest feature film project is “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes”. This was another vocal transcription project for foreign dubbing. SoS transcribed the vocal musical performances from the film, and created sheet music for dubbing of the non-English versions of the film.

To avoid giving anything away, we won’t say what vocals are in the film. Nonetheless, we can say it provided some “hairy” challenges for the sharp musical ears at SoS.

The 5th Annual SCL Awards

The Society of Composers and Lyricists’ 5th Annual SCL Awards were held on Tuesday, February 13th in Los Angeles, California. The Awards were hosted by Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Siedah Garrett. Garrett opened the ceremony with a barn-burning arrangement of her song “Shug Avery” from the 2023 film The Color Purple. She closed with her song “Man in the Mirror”, made famous by Michael Jackson, which Garrett co-wrote with Glen Ballard.

The ceremony also honored the filmmaker-composer team of Martin Scorsese and Robbie Robertson with the Spirit of Collaboration Award, which included a performance of Robertson’s song “Between Trains” from Scorsese’s The King of Comedy by 6-time Grammy-winning recording artist, Jason Isbell.

In addition to accompanying these acts, the orchestra performed Henry Mancini’s “Peter Gunn”, and the song “Somewhere Out There” from the film An American Tail sung by Zola Odessa and Danny Duran III in a beautiful “In Memoriam” segment.

Symbols of Sound handled the hiring and management of the orchestra and provided music preparation services. SoS has had a role in the music of every SCL awards to date.