SoS Turns Inside Out Again

Music transcription for Inside Out 2

After nearly a decade, “Inside Out” characters Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, are joined by Anxiety and others in “Inside Out 2”. Once again, SoS joined the team by transcribing audio to sheet music for localization, allowing Riley’s jumble of teen emotions to be expressed worldwide. “Inside Out 2” is in theaters June 14.

SoS is Elemental to Pixar’s worldwide strategy

Stealing the show with Lauv

Symbols of Sound’s second Disney feature of this summer is the Pixar film “Elemental”. SoS transcribed all vocals from Lauv’s song “Steal The Show”, and created vocal sheet music that exactly matched the various versions of the song in the film. Disney used this sheet music to dub the film in numerous languages as it was prepared for worldwide distribution.

“Steal The Show” provided dubbing challenges with the heavy processing and synth/vocoder effects used to create the background sounds in the song. SoS’s vocal charts enabled foreign language performers to produce versions of the song that were true to the original, even if the audio effects used on the original vocals were not available.