Wish Multi-Language Video

Asha sings "This Wish" in 29 languages

Disney created a multi-language video of the song “This Wish” from the film “Wish”. The video features vocal performances in 29 different languages. Each of the non-English performances, as for all songs in the film, was created with the vocal transcriptions produced by Symbols of Sound.

The video is an excellent example of how accurate transcription and sheet music creation enables dubbing that can match the quality of the original language. It also showcases the highly-skilled localization teams around the world working in conjunction with Disney Character Voices International. A dizzying array of performers, translators, engineers, cultural consultants, and many others coordinate to create Disney magic in dozens of languages.

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SoS transcribes a Wish for Disney

Symbols of Sound’s latest film musical project is Disney’s “Wish”. The film contained eleven song tracks which needed to be transcribed from audio to sheet music for use in localization.

This was a project that spanned several months. Various countries needed to start preparing performers to create the localized versions before final edits on the film were complete. SoS had to work from versions of the songs in an early edit of the film, and review later edits for any changes that affected the sheet music. SoS would then provide Disney’s localization teams with updated sheet music and a list of any changes.

While this may sound cumbersome, and presents obvious challenges for localization; it enables films to be released to audiences worldwide simultaneously. Otherwise audiences in some countries would have to wait weeks or months to see a film until local language dubbing is completed.

Journey to Bethlehem

SoS takes a journey with Adam Anders

Adam Anders’ directorial debut, “Journey to Bethlehem”, is currently in theaters in the USA. The film, starring Antonio Banderas, Fiona Palomo, and Milo Manheim, imagines the biblical story of Christmas as a pop musical.

Anders and Sony Pictures realized that they needed more than standard film localization materials to translate a story told through eleven songs in varying styles. Symbols of Sound was tasked with transcribing all vocals from the film and creating foreign vocal sheet music guides for international translators and dubbing performers.

“Journey to Bethlehem” will have theatrical releases in numerous countries over the next month.

The Little Mermaid

“Part of Your World” in 22 Languages

Multi-language video created with help from SoS

You can watch the video on YouTube via this link:

Part of Your World (Multi-Language Version)

Disney has posted a video of the song “Part of Your World” from the recent film “The Little Mermaid” showcasing Ariel’s singing dubbed in 22 languages. SoS transcribed Halley Bailey’s original performance and created sheet music for Disney that is used to create Ariel’s voice in other languages. The video is a rare opportunity to hear Ariel’s many worldwide voices together. However, this is only a portion of the various languages in which Disney films are dubbed.

In the USA, few people are aware of the international reach of major films and the need for proper localization. There is a worldwide network of hundreds of people who make this possible. They include voice actors, background singers, voice directors, translators, audio engineers, producers, cultural consultants, and more; plus an administrative team to manage this huge effort.

Localization starts with a dedicated team of Disney employees and contractors who coordinate with productions and create all the necessary materials for dubbing. They document everything in the film that needs localization, from dialog, signs, and text, to humor and cultural references that may not make sense in foreign contexts.

Songs provide a unique challenge, and music transcription and sheet music creation are essential to accurate dubbing. Sheet music created by SoS provides a common starting point for all languages to understand exactly what is in the English-language version of the film, and decide how best to adapt it to the local language.

The Little Mermaid

SoS contributes to remake of another Disney classic

SoS worked on a number Disney films to be released this summer. The first is the live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid”. SoS transcribed all vocal performances, including the new recordings of the classic songs and new songs by Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The transcriptions, used to dub the non-English language versions of the film, give Ariel, Sebastian, Ursula, and the other characters the ability to sing to audiences in their own languages throughout the world.

“The Little Mermaid” features wonderful performances by Halle Bailey, Daveed Diggs, Awkwafina, and Melissa McCarthy.